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Xiao Ma
Hacker/scientist. I believe the ultimate goal of technology is to help people live better. Build systems @Medium @PatternInsight PhD @IllinoisCS @UCSanDiego

Why I joined Medium and have loved it eversince

About a year ago, I interviewed for an engineering position at Medium. We finished the interview early, so we had time to talk about many random things.

Later that day, in the round-up meeting, Pete said, “Xiao, you should write down what you said to her about Medium — you got her very excited.” I said sure, but things slipped my memory shortly after the meeting.

Ten months later, Joy graduated from MIT and joined Medium! I was super excited.

Every Friday, the whole company sits together and shares exciting things. We call it FAM (Friday Afternoon Meeting). At her first FAM, Joy stood up on the stage, and she was asked four questions. The first question was, “Why Medium?”

Joy started talking about why she’s excited about Medium, and she said, “Then I met Xiao. What he said resonated with me a lot. I decided to join Medium.”

I was thrilled. Now I’m going to write down what Joy and I talked about, which is also why I myself joined Medium.

I deeply love what Medium is trying to do:

This is such an important and difficult problem to solve that .

Everyone has stories and ideas that are inspiring and worth spreading. Most of us pass along our stories and ideas by talking with the people we know. Obviously, this is very inefficient, not scalable and not sustainable. Think about how many people an average person can talk to and share thoughts with in her entire lifetime.

If you compare the stories that have been written down versus the ones that only exist in people’s mind, it’s not hard to realize that the former is only a very small portion. We are missing a lot of great stories simply because they have not been written and shared.

And it’s getting worse.

If someone’s stories and ideas are not preserved, they will be gone forever after that person passes away. There is no way to recover them. It’s very scary, isn’t it?

Writing is not only the best way to preserve our thoughts; it also helps us think better.

I spent a lot of time writing academic papers in grad school. I didn’t like everything about writing papers, but I did greatly enjoy one part of it — it brought clarity to my thoughts and helped me structure arguments. Writing forces me to think harder, more clearly, and more thoroughly. I understand things much better when I try to convey thoughts via writing.

Back in 2011, my good friend and I made a website called Learn From Mistakes, where people could post the mistakes they made, vote for others’ mistakes, add comments, and—most importantly—learn from mistakes. We got passionate about the idea that mistakes should be, but are not yet, well documented. We are often taught how to do things the right way, but in some sense, mistakes are more valuable. While there might be some right ways to do a certain thing, it could still go awry in many different ways.

It became more and more obvious and urgent to me that there should be a place that lets people write more, much much more. Mistakes are just one of the many things that we should write more about.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons for us to not write. Some may worry they are not good at writing; some may think nobody would read what they write; some may feel writing is difficult; some may have trouble finding time to write from already busy schedules; the list of excuses goes on.

At Medium, we try extremely hard to maximize the ROI of writing. We push the boundary of every single aspect of writing to deliver the best possible writing experience . We know it is difficult for people to write, but it is such an important problem that we must solve, even just one baby step at a time.

So, I joined Medium.

If it resonates with you as well, come join us .:-)

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| Consumer Sovereignty: What Mises Meant

Consumer Sovereignty: What Mises Meant


Tags Odeeh sheer floral embroidered blouse Cheap Sale Prices Buy Cheap Lowest Price Free Shipping flsYOaxpr3
Value and Exchange

[ Originally published November 11, 2003 .]

The modern Austrian School of economics, as descended from the authoritative work of Ludwig von Mises, stresses the primacy of consumer preferences in the determination of precisely which kinds of goods will be produced with society's scarce resources. Mises himself adopted the term (popularized by W.H. Hutt) "consumer sovereignty" to describe this state of affairs. Subsequent Austrians, in particular Murray Rothbard, disdained the term, both because of its technical inaccuracy and its unfortunate political connotations. In this article I will focus on Mises's position.

In both his technical and popular writings, Mises stressed his view of the relationship between consumers and producers in a market economy. In contrast to the typical view, which considers the bourgeoisie class as the ruler of everyone else, Clearance Pay With Paypal Inexpensive Mr amp; Mrs Italy Unlined parka jacket with fur collar Clearance Fashionable Cheap Sale With Mastercard bHx4O6JXU
precisely the opposite:

The capitalists, the enterprisers, and the farmers are instrumental in the conduct of economic affairs. They are at the helm and steer the ship. But they are not free to shape its course. They are not supreme, they are steersmen only, bound to obey unconditionally the captain's orders. The captain is the consumer. (, "Profit Management," p. 226 )

Not only is the consumer the captain, he is a merciless one at that. Mises explains:

The real bosses [under capitalism] are the consumers. They, by their buying and by their abstention from buying, decide who should own the capital and run the plants. They determine what should be produced and in what quantity and quality. Their attitudes result either in profit or in loss for the enterpriser. They make poor men rich and rich men poor. They are no easy bosses. They are full of whims and fancies, changeable and unpredictable. They do not care a whit for past merit. As soon as something is offered to them that they like better or is cheaper, they desert their old purveyors. (227)

The metaphor of "consumer sovereignty" is carried to its utmost when proponents (such as Mises himself) liken the operation of a market to a daily plebiscite, in which every penny spent is a vote by the consumer indicating those products and services to which society's resources should be devoted. If the great mass of consumers dislike purple cars with green polka dots, then a society based on private property will not waste resources in the production of such odd cars. Any eccentric producer who flouted the wishes of his customers and churned out vehicles to suit his idiosyncratic tastes, would soon go out of business. At that point, the decision of which types of cars to make would be in the hands of other producers, who were more attuned to the preferences of the masses.

It’s WORKING! February JobsReport!

Posted by Jenny Hatch on March 9, 2018 · Leave a Comment

Great NEWS!

Jenny Hatch

Liberals are STILL “thanking Obama”

— The Mitchell Report (@gmitch9)

you have mud on your face! February Comes in Yuge: 313,000 Jobs Added

for Are you tired of winning yet?

— BenGarrison Cartoons (@GrrrGraphics)

At 79.3%, prime-age EPOP is the highest it’s been since June 2008.

— Economic Policy Institute (@EconomicPolicy)

One of the MANY reasons I voted for was for his ability to say what ALL of us are thinking.

Never has a taken so much PRIDE in America and Her People.I am Proud of my VOTE and I will DO it again in 2020!

— SIᕮᖇᖇᗩ ᗯᕼISKᕮᕮ Is The NRA (@_SierraWhiskee)

Job creators added 313,000 new jobs in February:

— US Labor Department (@USDOL)

Woo hoo!I’m not tired of winning yet friends, are you? It just feels so damn good. smashes expectations, record number of employed Americans, Black Hispanic unemployment at record lows.

This is how we !Thanks

— CC (@ChristiChat)

. Love waking up to all the 1. 313K jobs added smashing expectations2. N. Korea bowing down3. Stocks roaring4. Record employment 5. FBI investigating CF6. 2nd Special Prosecutor warming upThank you

— Jae (@iwillhavemyday)

The networks still trying to give Obama credit for the economy February

— Vet4MAGA (@Vet4MAGA)

Me when I see that the US added 313,000 jobs in February under President Trump:

— #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler)

: Labor force participation rate at 63%

— FOX Business (@FoxBusiness)

Dow futures jump 160 points on . Perfect report for Wall Street: Stronger-than-expected 313K created and yet wages rose only modestly by

— Matt Egan (@MattEganCNN)

U.S. employers added a blockbuster 313,000 jobs in February as the hot labor market showed no sign of cooling despite persistent worker shortages.

— USA TODAY Money (@USATODAYmoney)

WAGES UP 2.6% 313,000 NEW JOBS in February (a short month) ABSOLUTELY INCREDILE! TRUMP ECONOMY ROARING!!!!

— Joey M. (YourVoice™ America) (@JTMann05)

: 313,000 jobs added in February… A BLOWOUT NUMBER, best since 1973!

Trump is doing exactly what he promised: JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!

— BostonBobblehead (@DBloom451)

And tweets from a few leftists…

Given recent job reports, worth remembering that back in 2010-2013 or so it was an absolute consensus among Very Serious People that high unemployment was "structural" and couldn't be reduced by increasing demand

all expenses that fall within the applicable Internal Revenue Code definition.

The Secretary and Clerk are aware that the IRC and LDA are not harmonized in terms of expense reporting. Registrants are advised that if they elect to report under IRS methods per Ulla Johnson Leia bag Hurry Up ZzMGxd
, they may not subtract lobbying expenses for lobbying state and local officials and grassroots lobbying from the total expenses reported. Doing so alters the IRS reportable total, and is not permitted.

The LDA ( With Credit Card Sale Online Mary Katrantzou Amsonia gown Shopping Online High Quality Clearance 2018 Newest Sale Prices 1FKsus1BH
) requires registrants to report specific information on the nature of the lobbying activities on quarterly activity reports (LD-2), including:

Example 1: Registrant “A” represents Client “B” to monitor an issue of interest to B and make occasional lobbying contacts as necessary. During the Q1 2015 reporting period, “A” received $3,000 from “B,” but had no lobbying activity because “B’s” issue was dormant. “A” would complete the quarterly activity report (LD-2), mark the box for “No Lobbying Activity,” mark income as “Less than $5,000,” and submit the report.

Example 2: Same circumstances as above, except that “A” has two lobbyists who make lobbying contacts on a single lobbying issue with the Senate and the House. In this case, “A” will need to complete the Lobbying Activity section of the quarterly activity report (LD-2) and submit the report.

Example 3: Same circumstances as example 2, but one of the lobbyists retires during the reporting period. In this case, the Information Update Page of the quarterly activity report is required to be included, listing the lobbyist’s name as being no longer expected to lobby for that client, which has the effect of delisting the lobbyist’s name (his/her retirement) from “A’s” registration and reports.

When reporting specific lobbying issues, some registrants have listed only House or Senate bill numbers on the issues page without further indication of their clients’ specific lobbying issues. Such disclosures are not adequate, for several reasons. First, 2 U.S.C. § 1604(b)(2)(A) requires disclosure of “specific issues upon which a lobbyist employed by the registrant engaged in lobbying activities, including ... bill numbers[.]” As we read the law, a bill number is a required disclosure when the lobbying activities concern a bill, but is not in itself a complete disclosure. Further, in many cases, a bill number standing alone does not inform the public of the client’s specific issue. Many bills are lengthy and complex, or may contain various provisions that are not always directly related to the main subject or title. If a registrant’s client is interested in only one or a few specific provisions of a much larger bill, a lobbying report containing a mere bill number will not disclose the specific lobbying issue. Even if a bill concerns only one specific subject, a lobbying report disclosing only a bill number is still inadequate, because a member of the public would need access to information outside of the filing to ascertain that subject. The LDA contemplates disclosures that are adequate to inform the public of the lobbying client’s specific issues from a review of the quarterly activity report (LD-2), without independent familiarity with bill numbers or the client’s interest in specific subject matters within larger bills. The disclosures on the quarterly activity report must include bill numbers, where applicable, but must always contain information that is adequate, standing alone, to inform the public of the specific lobbying issues.

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